How can I become an agent?

Answer: Please visit becoming our customer page for detail information and how to get started with the process.

What is franchising and how can I become a franchise holder?

Answer:  It is a business venture in which Fan Milk Plc (as franchisor) permits an investor (the franchisee) to market its products, within a designated area and at recommended retail price. Fan Milk contributes eighty percent (80%) of the investment costs, while the franchisee the balance of 20%. To learn more about franchising please click here

Will Fan milk assist as guarantor to the Banks or not?

Answer: Since Fan Milk is already incurring 80% of the Set-up cost, the Franchisee as a business person is expected to source for the 20% by herself.

Can the 20% Commitment fee be paid in instalments?

Answer: No. The 20% Commitment fee has to be paid in FULL, BEFORE Fan Milk commences work on the approved location.

Can the Franchise Taker remove any of the Assets from the registered premises?

Answer: No The company is engaging in franchise arrangement to provide stability at the Franchise depots and thus engage in purchase, installation and repairs of all equipments and therefore sees no need for moving equipment from place to place. Moving equipment from one location to another will also increase the likelihood of damage to the equipment.

What calibre of staff will Fan Milk advise Franchise Takers to employ?

Answer: This decision is the discretion of the Franchise taker and is determined by how much the Franchise Taker is willing to pay and what the employee is willing to accept. Fan Milk will only emphasize competence.

Who bears the responsibility for Product Damages under the Franchise Agreement?

Answer: The company pricing system has a built-in 1% incentive for damages or shortages discovered after exiting the company premises. However, for any damages or shortages discovered at the Fan Milk premises, Fan Milk will bear the responsibility 100%!

What levies and rates will the Franchise taker bear?

Answer: The Franchise taker will be responsible for ELECTRICITY and WATER RATES, Diesel for the Generator, and other running expenses; while Fan Milk will bear all STATUTORY levies and Insurance Premiums.

Can Local Technicians be consulted for “minor” Problems?

Answer: Only Fan Milk technicians and any Fan Milk approved technician is allowed to carry out repairs on the equipments. No other technician is allowed to carry out any repairs on the equipments.

How long, if ever, will it take before ownership of the equipments are transferred to the Franchise Taker?

Answer: The equipment will remain the property of Fan Milk for ever. But Fan Milk will replace the equipments when they are considered to be unserviceable.

After identifying location and getting Fan Milk approval, how long will I wait before business take off?

Answer: As long it will take for Fan Milk to procure and install all the equipments. But we usually deliver the business premises before the expiration of ONE (1) calendar month.

Can I set-up a Franchise anywhere I choose?

Answer: You cannot set-up anywhere you choose. Franchise appointment is subject to the availability of the intended coverage area. Looking out for emerging market will boost your chances of being appointed for Franchise.

During Peak season, when there is scarcity of products what will be the fate of a Franchise Taker – in light of budget achievement?

Answer: During this period, while Fan Milk will do everything within her power to ensure adequate product supply to all Agents, it will, however, give priority to Franchise takers should there be product scarcity.

Will Fan Milk deliver products to my outlet?

Answer: Yes!  Fan Milk will deliver products to Franchise taker’s outlet, however, there is a minimum drop size which the Franchise Taker is expected to purchase.

I'd like to work with Fan Milk, what do I do?


How can I lodge a complaint?

Answer: Please contact our customer care representative by clicking here

I need to know your nearest outlets to me, where do I find this information?

Answer: Please visit our distribution outlet page where you can get the detailed address and contact of all our sales outlet nationwide.