Fan Milk & Environment

In line with Fan Milk PLC's resolves to be an active and positive partaker in the environmental protection activities, we have embarked on several projects to further demonstrate Fan Milk PLC environmental friendliness and responsibility.

An improved solid waste management system was implemented where reusable and recyclable materials are taken out from skip thereby reducing what goes to the dumpsite with less financial obligation to the waste disposal.  The reusable and recyclable materials which are sold serve as an added income to the company.

The company has an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), where all the liquid waste from operation processes is treated before being discharged.

Fan Milk PLC has started a pilot project with Lagos State to reduce the impact of plastic waste from our (and other companies) products on the environment.

The effect of the above activities ensured less negative impact on the environment in view of the fact that less waste goes for ultimate disposal, i.e. Fan Milk is committed to GREEN ENVIRONMENT.