Fan Milk & Employees

Fan Milk PLC believes it offers fair compensation and benefits to all employees. Your Company provides amenities such as laundry, changing and locker room as well as canteen facilities at the factory premises.

Your Company is committed to the development of careers of staff through various training held locally and abroad.

The Company's Staff Handbook was revised and published after due approval by the Board of Directors, the Senior and Junior Staff Unions and with input from the Company's Solicitors. In the new Staff handbook is Fan Milk CSR policy stated.

Health and Safety

Fan Milk PLC offers an Employee Health Care Scheme in which both employees and their registered spouses and children benefit from Company paid medical care.

Your Company continuously assesses the health impact of its operations on both employees and the general public e.g. noise, ammonia discharge and waste water.

Fan Milk PLC continues to emphasize on safety at the workplace by ensuring high standards of the work environment within the factory, offices and distribution centres.

Action is constantly and promptly taken to address any shortfalls in any area, which is brought to the Company's attention during inspection visits.


Systematic training of vendors on hygiene, handling of sales equipment and other core values has been intensified.  Majority of staff underwent both foreign and local trainings to enhance their job performance better than ever.